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AvatarHi everyone. I'm one of the people behind LetterPop! Really hope you enjoy it. Make sure you let us know how it works by participating in our Blog.

My short bio is, "Restless Wanderer." That describes me fairly well, though sometimes I'm not very restless or content to not go looking for new adventures.

Starting new businesses is definitely an adventure. Feel free to check out christianaudio the other company I've helped start. Between it and LetterPop!, I stay pretty busy.

But when I'm not busy with business, I'm enjoying a wonderful family (pictured in my profile photo). And often times we're outdoors hiking around or playing some fun game. Every now-again my lovely wife let's me escape to the great outdoors with some guys. She's pretty amazing.

Finally, I've got a bit of an online personality. Just google "guynameddave" and you should find various links, including my personal blog.

Blessings, Dave

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guynameddave is 52.

Where: California   USA

Website: guynameddave