The Blind Cat Beacon

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AvatarSunny [guest] says:

Love your new newsletter!

Posted 3073 days ago | Permalink

AvatarTerri Wilson [guest] says:

This is a really nice news letter Alana!!! Thank you for sending this! The cats are so wonderful!!!

Posted 3073 days ago | Permalink

AvatarRebecca Summerfield [guest] says:

love your news letter good way to kep up on whats going on and all the good stuff your doing

Posted 3073 days ago | Permalink

AvatarMarilyn S [guest] says:

Love the newsletter! Congratulations on the contest wins. Thanks for helping the furkids.

Posted 3073 days ago | Permalink

AvatarRoni Joseph [guest] says:

This is such a wonderful idea! I always love reading what's going on with the babies at Blind Cat!

Posted 3072 days ago | Permalink

AvatarPatty says:

Wonderful newsletter. Great idea. 4, pg

Posted 3066 days ago | Permalink

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