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New Look for Newsletter Pages

Saturday, June 19th, 2010

Here’s some big news LetterPOP users.  We dropped the ads.  For now, we have realized that the ads are messy and don’t add much value to users or for LetterPOP.  We hope to create new ways to enhance user experience and we’ll rely on revenue from subscriptions and from key sponsors, instead of Google Ads.  We have also centered the newsletters, and put credits at the bottom and taken our header off  from the top.  It should give you a better experience and let your brand stand out more than ours.

We are doing a lot here to make things better.  Spread the word and thanks for your ongoing use and support!

LetterPop Workshops Available

Thursday, March 1st, 2007

We’ve heard through the grapeville that some schools and other organizations have put on LetterPop.com workshops.  And we think that is a great idea.  In fact, we are willing to help.  If you have a school, business, club, blog, or organization that would benefit from an in-person hands-on workshop, let us know.  We would be glad to arrange for Dave, John, or Cory to drop by your office and put on a  FREE workshop for your organization.  LetterPop is a powerful tool for communicating with elegance and simplicity over the web.  Our personalized workshops are a great way to learn all the benefits of using LetterPop for your organization.  Here is what your organization will receive:

  • Personalized instruction from one or more of LetterPop’s founders including
  • Advanced Template Creation: multi-page templates, creating a business or organization template, embedded email and url links, advanced use of pictures, using flickr.com for picture management, using website images in your template
  • Advanced Profile Usage: creating and using a public profile to promote your organization, tapping into the power of RSS
  • Advanced LetterPop Techniques: embedding templates in blog posts and other webpages, importing emails lists to LetterPop, managing LetterPop email lists
  • Advanced Eating Techniques: we’ll bring along pizza and soda for everyone

For now we’ll need to restrict our workshops to organizations where there will be 5 or more attendees and that are within 81 miles of LA or San Diego.  Though, if your organization really really wants to fly us to Hawaii or France and put us up in a nice hotel, we’ll flex ;)

Don’t be shy! Email support@letterpop.com with your request.

Their Response, Your Response, Our Response

Wednesday, January 3rd, 2007

We have a philosophy at LetterPop that includes the belief that you, our users, can think of ways to use and improve our site at least (probably better) than we can.  And tons of you have written suggestions to our support email or participated in this blog.  Thanks!  And now I want to go one step more in getting feedback from you…

Here’s my assumption: You have been getting feedback too.  Many of you have created finished newsletters that you have sent to a handful and even hundreds of people at a time.  I’m assuming you have heard back from some of them.  And I’d love to hear what they are saying to you.  Did they like it?  Did they suggest something back to you?… that you could suggest to us… that we could use to improve our service?  Let us know :) Thanks!